Hampstead UMC

United Methodist Men


Our mission is to support spiritual growth among men. Helping them to mature as disciples of Christ as they, in turn, encourage spiritual formation in others. Always striving to make God smile.


The Hampstead United Methodist Men invite all men 16 and older to join them for fellowship and breakfast at 8AM on the first Saturday of every month. Meetings might include guest speakers, and the planning and implementation of church initiatives. (calendar link).


Greetings to ALL men!

The GCUMM (General Council on United Methodist Men) has made discipleship the core focus for 2019. Discipleship is defined as 'a follower or pupil of a teacher, a leader, or philosopher'. Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus Christ) was all of those, and more! For any one of us to consider ourselves as a Christ-follower, then we too, must inherit those traits into our daily lives. We must look beyond ourselves. We must see that through our actions, our words, our deeds, lives can be changed and God can be glorified. Find time to lift God up through your efforts and see people around you transformed!


Al Smith


A typical breakfast layout. You can find this on the first Saturday of every month beginning at 8AM as UMM gathers for food, fellowship and more.

UMM Projects:

The UMM takes every opportunity to play with power tools! Whether tearing down a garage with adjoining shed...

to ramp building to make it easier for others to make it into and out of their home!