Monday Missive September 9, 2019


9 September,  2019  MONDAY MISSIVE  Hey, Hampstead Family!  Grace and peace! 

Dorian Was On Target!

The flat roof over our Preschool took a direct hit from Dorian—the roof was rolled back, and the water entered the Preschool!  Thanks to the excellent response of our Trustees, damage was minimal, and we are on the way to being dried out and restored! School opening is delayed, but only for a short while!  Thanks to our hard-working and committed teachers and their leader Judy Lane, as well as a number of volunteers who responded to our call for help!


CELEBRATIONS!  A “The Move-Was-Good-and-We-Miss-You” Note From the Cranes

       Please, forgive me for taking so long in letting everyone know how things are going in AL. The move went very well. No damage to furniture. Went quite smoothly. We have unpacked most boxes in the interior of house and stuff put away. Feeling organized and comfortable in house. However the garage is an awful mess. Most of these items I packed; Christmas, decorating and pictures in garage. I plan to hit it as soon as the weather is a little cooler. The first two weeks temperatures were between 92 and 100.  Lots of high humidity as well. Thank goodness all work was inside work.
We met our new neighbors and everyone is very welcoming and promises we’ll love the neighborhood.  There are activities such as morning coffee on Mondays and game night on Thursdays. Larry has played with the local senior softball men and he is excited about being on their teams. I haven’t approached hooking yet (Note: old Alabama traditional craft involving rugs, in case you were concerned!) but hope to in October.  Still too much to do to be settled.
       It is wonderful being close to Daryl, Tiff and boys.  Suppers together, the boys fish in our lake and lot’s of “drop byes.” I especially have enjoyed sitting on the patio and “staring” at the lake.  So very peaceful and it doesn’t require cleaning!
          I have been watching “Dorian” and I pray it goes easy on Wilmington.  But I must admit not having any preparations or worry is quite nice!  Please be careful and know I am thinking about you. Here is our updated information.  I hope you’ll continue keeping us in HUMC’s group rosters.
18 Rose Hip Lane SE, Brownsboro AL 35741, 256-858-1587 

Home, 910-262-1486  Vicki Cell;
          We miss each of you.  It was not an easy decision to move from NC, but one that was necessary.  Hope to see you at the cabin or in AL. The door is open, the wine chilled and your bed made!
Love to all, Vicki (and Larry) Crane  

(We’re happy for you, and we miss you guys, too!   Skip)



Thank You to Lisa and Chris Gibson and Jaime Alberti for a great SS/Youth/Children party!  Great food, greater swimming and hospitality, greatest Spirit!


POINTS TO CONSIDER:   Immediate Calendar

9Mon         6:30pm       Worship Team

                   7pm            Spirit Circle

10Tue        9am             Prayer Team

                   10am          Hope Circle

                   6:30pm      Staff-Parish Relations Committee

                   7pm            Choir

11Wed       10/6:30      Bible Study “The Revelation”

                   10am          Quilters

15Sun        9:45am svc  Sunday School Promotion Presentation       

                   12:30pm    New Member Exploration Class #2


A LOOK AHEAD --   With everything that’s been going on lately, next Sunday's worship will feature another look at serious prayer, and how Jesus did it!  John 17, Mark 14:35-36.

Thanks for being a part of the HUMC family!  Until we gather again, and always, GBY!     Skip


A boy asks his father “Dad, how did humans come to be on earth?”

The father explains “Humans evolve through apes who swing through trees!”

The boy then asks his mother “Mom, how did humans come to be on earth?”

His mother explains “God created the first two humans.”

The boy then says “But mom, dad said that humans evolved from apes!”

Mom replies “Your dad told you about HIS side of the family—I told you about mine!”