Monday Missive December 9, 2019

December 9, 2019  MONDAY MISSIVE


HAMPSTEAD MEN! In all my years, one of the grandest consistencies that I have witnessed is that the men of the church choose to miss out on events that will develop their spiritual “muscles”!  I have said time and again that the two most important spiritual events in my life are my call to ministry and my Walk to Emmaus. I was nagged to death by Billy Peele to go; I went when I didn’t have the time OR the desire; and I went with a very calloused attitude concerning the success of the week-end. I came away with a deeper and more vital understanding of how much God loves me and how much Jesus Christ has done for me --   and that this love and sacrifice continues to this very moment!

LISTEN!  You won’t get out of Emmaus what I got out of it!  You will get out of Emmaus what God WANTS you to get out of it (or you will have the opportunity to do so!). I have never been more confident than when I say to you-- it will change your life!

Emmaus is not a club; it’s not a “little-bit-better-n-you” clique. Emmaus has two purposes:

Firstly, to bring you face to face with God; and inspire you to serve the King of Kings and Lord of Lord is your local church. There is nothing you will do in your life that will be more valuable to you and to God’s Kingdom!

Our next Men’s Walk is 13-15 February.  Now is the time to pray, consider and commit. If you have questions, see Skip or John Harris. Don’t miss out on this life-changing gift!


Blessings!   See you Sunday!  



 The Wolfenbargers Are Coming Back! I received word from Craig that the USMC is sending them back to Camp LeJeune early summer 2020! It will be a joy to have Treena, Craig, Grace and John back in our midst—they never left the family!


Christmas Gift-- The North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church has sent $3,848 from the conference Christmas offerings for our Renovation Fund!


2020 Church Officer Installation will take place in all three services (your choice as to which one you attend!) on 5 January.  A complete list of 2020 Officers is included at the end of this Missive! 

A Letter From Michaela Doyle Hey, Skip! Thank you so much for the prayers, thoughts and flowers! That was sweet and it means a lot to me. A little about what’s going on in my life - Recently I just finished my first show in NYC called “Extremities”. We sold out every night except one and set a record at the theatre for longest standby ticket line in 5 years. On Monday I’m beginning my next show which is a musical that currently has a week long run. I’m still working two jobs as social media manager at chic NYC (a startup clothing company in Soho) and continue my work as a personal stylist on the UES for special clients. I recently signed a year-long contract with Meryl Streep as her in-house stylist and have been growing a fantastic client list. As for school I doubled up on classes, took school through the summer, and am currently enrolled in night classes so I graduate college in February.  I feel quite at home in the fast NYC pace and have no intention of slowing down anytime soon! I’m proud of all my accomplishments but I would never have had the courage to do most things if I didn’t know I always have my church family to fall back on! Make sure everyone knows how appreciative I am of their love, and they always have a place to stay in NYC!!


From the Financial Secretary:  Thanks to everyone who participated in the AmazonSmile program in 2019. We earned $142.91, just because you named HUMC as your chosen charity when you shopped on Amazon! Not a part of the program? See HUMC's website under the "Worship Through Giving" tab for a sign-up link. Remember to always sign into AmazonSmile when shopping on Amazon.


Also, thank you to the Missions Committee who donated $1,000 and the Christian Life Sunday School Class who donated $500, to the Main Building Renovation Fund. They join other small groups in the church (like UMM and UMW) who have donated to the Renovation Fund. What can your small group do? There are lots of ideas for fundraisers, and that big tent in the church front yard is just begging to be used for pop-up yard sales to benefit the Renovation Fund!


Thanks to the United Methodist Men, who put up the Living Nativity set this past Saturday, and particularly to David Pierce, who made us a new “Star of Bethlehem”!!


Lovely Ladies Luncheon This month we are meeting at Cornerstone Bistro at Porter’s Neck at 12:00 PM on Thursday, December 19th. Contact Rose Anne Tumm if you would like to attend (270-9384).


FBI Warning: Smart TVs-  If you just bought a smart TV on Black Friday or plan to buy one, the FBI advises that Smart TVs have internet connections. Anything that connects to the internet is open to security vulnerabilities/hackers. Many smart TVs have cameras and microphones-- the FBI warns that hackers can take control of your unsecured smart TV and the camera/microphone to watch and listen! Also, tracking data can be collected.  TV makers (Samsung, LG) collect info on what users are watching to help advertisers target ads. Vizio paid $2.2 million in fines after being caught secretly collecting customer viewing data; a current case is being developed. The FBI recommends placing black tape over an unused smart TV camera, maintaining the latest security patches and fixes, and better understand smart TV capabilities. The most secure smart TV isn't connected to the internet at all.

POINTS TO CONSIDER:   Immediate Calendar

10Tue        10am         Hope Circle

11Wed       10/6:30      Bible Study (Mary, Did You Know?)

12Thu        12pm         PEMA (Christmas lunch)

13Fri          6-9pm        Living Nativity (HUMC Front Lawn)

16Mon       8am           ROMEOs at McDonald’s (“Retired Old Men Eating Out”)

                   10-2          Red Cross Blood Drive Blood Mobile (HUMC Grounds)


A LOOK AHEAD -- The message will be on the third of Isaiah’s names (9: 6) for God,  “Everlasting Father”, and how that name affects His “everlasting” children! Come support the leaders and presenters of the Living Nativity this Friday night!

Thanks for being a part of the HUMC family!  Until we gather again, and always, GBY!