weekly Missive  July 19, 2021

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                                                             William’s Wanderings

Good Day, Saints,

Prior to answering the call to ministry, I had other goals for my life.  I planned to get my graduate degree in Political Science, do some editorial writing, or, perhaps, political consulting-I had just read Larry Sabato’s The Rise of Political Consultants, and had been involved with a couple of campaigns.  So Mo, my new bride, and I had packed our bags and moved to Chapel Hill to pursue my plans.


            I also had convinced myself that, having heard the call of the ministry, I was not qualified.  I thought that ministers, from my experience, were different from me, and that I simply couldn’t measure up.  Of course, I also thought that I liked being in the background rather than the spotlight; and every minister I had known loved the spotlight.  So, what could I offer? What could I give?  Why I, considered myself unworthy of such a high calling.


          Our lesson for this coming Sunday comes from John 6:1-15.  It is the familiar lesson of Jesus’ feeding of the five thousand.  In fact, this lesson appears in all four Gospels.  However, what strikes me in this particular telling of the story is that in John’s Gospel the “hero” is a young boy.  In none of the other three Gospel are we told this.  In truth, we have no idea from where the bread and the fish come.  We assume that they are from the Disciples themselves, but we do not know.


          In John’s telling of the moment, the young boy steps up to the plate and he offers all that he himself has.  We don’t know his name, but we recall to this day his act of faith and his generosity.  We recall that by his example Jesus is able to perform one of the greatest of His miracles-to get others to give of themselves!


          I think that we too often believe that we have nothing to offer for this Kingdom work.  Yet there is within every one of us the ability to give something that helps to bring others to Christ, to build up the Kingdom of God on earth, and to bear witness to God’s love for creation.  But one has to be willing to give of oneself, to give of our talents and/or our resources.  And we are never too young, or so old, that we can’t do something.


So, I invite you to join with me this Sunday as we explore this Holy Writ and ask the question: “What is in my life that I can offer Jesus?”


Stay encouraged.  Stay faithful.

Still in His Peace,

Pastor William




Happy 60th Anniversary!  Dennis and Carolyn Southerland are celebrating 60 years of wedded bliss on Friday, July 30thWhat a blessing!



Nursery Volunteers Needed!!  Friends, we need volunteers to keep the nursery for each service on Sunday! We want to offer this ministry to families with young children, but we won’t be able to unless we have volunteers!!  If you can help, contact Barbara Jerrow at diamondshamrock1086@gmail.com.


Communion Steward Training   Interested in becoming a Communion Steward?  Join us on Sunday, July 25th. Following each service, we will have a brief training session on all things involved to be a communion steward. This is a great ministry for those who wish to take part in our Sunday worship. If you would like more information, or want to find out how you can serve in other ways, contact Dee Colenda at colenda@charter.net.


Christmas in July—This coming Sunday is the last day of collection!!

The Hampstead United Methodist Women are collecting some much-needed items for the local Methodist Home for Children.  Drop boxes are available in the Narthex and the Family Life Center. They need the following items:





*Tooth Brushes



*Other Basic Hygiene Items


*Little Bibles

*Devotion Books

*New Duffle Bags (These can be purchased at Strickland’s Surplus on South College Road in Wilmington.)

The last day to donate items is Sunday, July 25th.  Any questions please contact: 

Debbie Musolino (910-352-5129) or Janis Warwick (910-228-9432)


American Red Cross Blood Drive   Mark your calendars for Monday, August 9th for the Red Cross Blood Drive to be held here, in our Family Life Center, from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Register for your donation time at www.redcrossblood.org.





Check Your Nametags!    Be sure to check the tag holder for your name tag, located in the narthex (or FLC if you attend 9:45)!  Tags can get out of order so be sure to look carefully—it may be out of place! If you do not have a nametag, please contact the office at office@hampsteadumc.org.


Stephen Ministry Program   In need of encouragement during a difficult time??  Stephen Ministers are members of our congregation who listen, care, encourage and provide emotional and spiritual support for those facing a crisis or going through trying times. The care you receive is confidential, free and very helpful. If you would like to learn more about this program, please contact Loretta Greenough at 270-2060 or email waylor702@att.net.


POINTS TO CONSIDER:  Immediate Calendar

19 Mon        6pm             Staff Parrish Relations Committee (FLC Rm. #2)

20 Tues       11:15am     Books, Lunch, Talk (BLTs) (Rm. 5/6)  

                   6:30pm       Administrative Council (Sanctuary)

22 Thu         2pm             UMW Executive Board Mtg. (Rm. 5/6)

                   7pm             Choir Practice (Sanc)

25 Sun         svcs             Regular Hours: 8:30, 9:45, 11:00

                   (Communion Steward Training after each service.)