Monday Missive october 15

15 October 2018  MONDAY MISSIVE   “The Impressions We Make!”


“I'm Margaret Mayne and Robert is my husband. We had the pleasure of hauling your pumpkins. We arrived early here at the church. Melody and Alex invited us over to have a meal and to be able to take a shower at their home. It was far more than we had ever expected out of any (delivery) that we have ever made. This will be a trip that sticks with us for the rest of our lives -- we will we'll always remember how we enjoyed it. We would like to say thank you, and a special thanks to Melody and Alex and for their generosity. Attached are the pumpkins that were in the field before they were loaded onto a trailer so that you guys can have an idea of where these pumpkins actually come from in New Mexico. Once again I would like to say thank you for you guys being able to have your pumpkin patch that brought a Arkansas couple into your lives. God blessed us in so many ways on this trip. We say thanks to him also. May you continue God’s work that is seen from here inside of a cab of a truck. Thank you!  Margaret”


The above note was received from the family who delivered our New Mexico pumpkins,  along with “pre-pickin’ pumpkin pix”!  And thanks to Mel and Alex for their outstanding example of Christian hospitality and HUMC welcome!   See you in church Sunday!   Skip




2018 ANNUAL CHARGE CONFERENCE will be held in our Youth Center this coming Sunday, 21 October, at 1230pm. Voting members should attend. No business will be presented or discussed except that which is on the conference-required agenda. (This is a Discipline requirement.)  Be aware of time constraints--  our worship at Wesleyan Chapel begins at 2pm, and our Conference Bishop, Hope Morgan Ward, has asked to be our guest preacher!  Obviously, and joyfully, we have accepted her offer!


Welcome, Isabelle Grace Davis! Newborn daughter  of  Aksel/Jennifer  Davis,  Oct 10th,  9:39am, 7lbs, 20”, and doing beautifully! Congratulations, grandparents Nancy and Larry!


Pumpkin Toss THANKS! Handing out thanks last week, I missed a group! (Apologies!)  The  Topsail High School band family was a HUGE part of the pumpkin toss!!


OPPORTUNITIES TO SERVE  (An appeal from Cross Creek-  to make a difference!)


Cross Creek Subdivision Update October 4th 2018

Desperately need volunteers:  -at the tents during the day, sorting/organizing donations

-to go to Atlantic Seafood to get ice -to pick up and discard trash, boxes, etc. 

-to help unload daily donations


Kids, soccer teams, cheer teams, leagues, charities, anyone is welcomed and needed!

If you don’t know what to do, or when? Just show up at the tents and say I want to help!!!


Also, If you or your group are able & willing to assist in the demolition/construction type jobs there are so many families that are in need of your help! Most families are not working, their kids are not in school and they are spending every last minute removing their belongings, cutting and tearing drywall out, and doing everything in their power as quick as possible to prevent mold.


Updated Donation List (for approx 65 Affected homes)

Building Materials                  Plywood/Osb               2x4’s                       Drywall screws

Nails                                       Drywall mud                 Duct tape               Vapor barrier

Electrical outlets (code)        Electrical switches       Breaker boxes       Dehumidifiers

Commercial exhaust fans    Drop cords                   Moisture readers    Skill saws

Canned foam insulation       Drywall knives/saws    5 gal buckets         Bug spray

Mold killing chemicals           Cardboard boxes(flat) Construction lights 

Industrial sprayers                Laundry detergent       Plastic/Rubbermaid Totes

Large / xlarge rubber gloves         Respirator masks        Sodas                     Gatorade            

To-Go food containers          Pre-packed silverware          Kids bicycles (all ages)         

Lowe’s/Ace gift cards


Last request: we are currently providing lunch & dinner for approx.  125-150 people.

For Hot Food Donation & Scheduling please contact  Nicole Sanderhoff   910-990-1197


Thank you so very much from the bottom of all of our hearts! Our community is amazing!

Greg Lovell   910-523-8774   #CrossCreekStrong


AGAPE Christmas shoe boxes--  Sunday, Oct. 28th we will bring ours to the altar for a dedication. Thank you to all who have prepared them.


GRANT SEEKER!!   Still looking for someone who has the time and experience to run down grant leads for the church and for our members. This job is not hard if you know what you’re doing, and MIND-boggling if you don’t!  If God is calling you to help, please (PLEASE!) let me know!


NOTES:   “Dear HUMC Members:  There are not enough words to thank you for all your prayers, flowers, and John and my prayer shawl. For me, during Florence (we stayed!) the shawl brought great warmth and closeness to you all- knowing you so cared.

Our love and blessings!  Judy and John Vick”


Skip-- My “intel network” continues to feed me info--  pic really captures the challenge before HUMC -- wish we were there to assist with our time, energy, and love - hate being unable to directly impact, but y’all remain foremost in our prayers!    Craig Wolfenbarger


POINTS TO CONSIDER:   For Immediate Calendar, go to our Website!


A LOOK AHEAD --  Next Sunday's worship will feature our Bishop,  Hope Morgan Ward, as our preacher! She has asked to be with us--  what a blessing!  Her scripture will be Job 26: 10,  with title “The Circle On the Water”.


Thanks for being a part of the HUMC family!  Until we gather again, and always, GBY! Skip


 THOUGHT FOR THE DAY  (Remembering those persecuted for the sake of Christ)


Good News From the American Center of Law and Justice (ACLJ) !

“American Pastor Andrew Brunson has just been freed. After more than two years of wrongful detainment in Turkey, American Pastor Andrew Brunson has just been released.

Pastor Andrew was first arrested on October 7, 2016, and was later charged with “Christianization,” facing 35 years in prison. He has since undergone multiple delays in his trial, culminating in his most recent trial date today. We can now confirm he is free and will be en route to the U.S. later today. This is a massive victory. For nearly two years, we at the ACLJ have represented Pastor Andrew, taking his case to Capitol Hill, the White House,  and directly to the  U.N.  urging international intervention  to free  Pastor Andrew.

We are grateful to President Trump for his direct involvement in working to secure Pastor Andrew’s release. As Pastor Andrew said today, “This is the day our family has been praying for – I am delighted to be on my way home to the United States.” Thank you to all the ACLJ members for your support and prayers for Pastor Andrew and his family. We look forward to seeing Pastor Andrew reunited with his loved ones back home in America very soon. Jay Sekulow, ACLJ Chief Counsel”