Monday Missive may 20, 2019

May 20th, 2019   MONDAY MISSIVE


It’s Memorial Day week, a time when we honor those who have given their lives in conflict for our freedom!  I believe Jesus falls in that category!  And we have an opportunity to honor Him by sharing our blessings with another church!  I’ve spoken of this for the last two weeks in our services—here’s the deal:


Blair Road UMC near Charlotte wanted to come down and provide a picnic for us! They suggested that this could be turned into a fund-raiser for us (and we certainly need the money!). But we have been blessed by churches and people all over this country, people who will never meet/see us face to face! The suggestion was made that the picnic be opened up to the community, and that the proceeds be given to St. John Church of Christ

down Highway 17 toward Wilmington (Their roof is repaired, but the interior remains heavily damaged, and their insurance company is giving them the run-around--sound familiar?!). Blair Road and St. John are most excited about the possibilities, so this is a rough outline of what we (all three churches) are gonna do:


BASIC PLAN for 8 June for 400, and bulk chicken sales-- walk-in only (no tickets!)

8am-          Assemble cookers, set up tables, arrange paper and cooking needs, tea, ice.

9am-          Marinade chicken; put sides on warmer grills;

10am         Begin cooking chicken (30-35 min, 150 degrees internal)        

1045am-    Send our roadside “agitators” out!

11am-2pm-Serve (Continue until we run out)

2-3pm-       Clean up   



Blair Road UMC, Mint Hill, NC; St John’s Church of Christ; Hampstead UMC.


PROCEEDS TO:  St John’s Church of Christ (DOC)



Blair Road- Chicken, bread, slaw, beans, desserts, banner

HUMC-      Mac&cheese, desserts, pig cooker grills, shrimp boil cookers, tables, chairs,

                   tea, ice, paper products, sauces, bottled water, public information distribution

St John’s-  TBD (meeting Monday evening)


COORDINATOR NEEDED!!!  I need management help! 

Let me know how you plan to help!  And God bless you as you serve!    Skip





Congratulations!   Caroline Bolin graduated from UNC Greensboro on May 10, 2019 with two separate degrees, a BS in Professions in Deafness and ASL (American Sign Language) Interpreting and a BA in Communications.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude in BOTH.  She “signed” the National Anthem and Alma Mater at her ceremonies. Needless to say mom/dad/family are very proud!  




Clean-Up Day at Andrews Home- May 31st, 930am, gloves, lopping shears, rakes, a mower(!), and a couple of yard debris trailers, to haul back to the church burn area. The address is 270 Howard’s Landing Road.


JUNE NEWSLETTER  If you haven’t submitted your article for the June newsletter, please email it to the church office TODAY! (


POINTS TO CONSIDER:   For Immediate Calendar, go to our Website!

21Tue        9am            Prayer Team

                   9:45am      BLTs

                   12:30pm    Staff Meeting

                   6:30pm      Administrative Council  (Attendance still needs a boost!)

22 Wed      10/6:30      Bible Study (Revelation Ch 1) (Youth Room)

23 Thurs    10:30am    Preschool Graduation (Youth Center)

                   12pm        Lovely Ladies at Indochine, 7 Wayne Drive/Wilmington, (Contact Rose Ann Tumm  270-9384 to register!)

                   6pm            Power Kids & Jr./Sr. High Youth Celebration

26 Sun       svcs           Memorial Day Celebration; presentation by Major Mike Makaryk

27 Mon      8am            ROMEOs (Retired Old Men Eating Out) at McD

                                      Memorial Day: Church Office Closed


FROM KIWANIS:  A schedule of community events:


Hampstead Alive After Five/Summer Concert Series, 630pm at Hampstead Kiwanis Park:

          31 May      Eaglewing

          21 Jun       British Invaders

          19 Jul         Randy Knight and Parrot Party

          2 Aug         Rain Date

For information call 910-663-3771 or go to


Springtime I Hampstead Kiwanis Park, Saturday, 8 June, starting at 7:30am:

          7:30am      Pancake Breakfast               Mazzacca Pavilion (MP)

          9:30am      Cupcake Family Race          Main Pavilion

          10am         New Pavilion Dedication      MP

          11am          Kiwanis Grove Dedication    MP

          11:15am    Eagle Scout Recognition     MP

          11:30am    Service Ldrshp Recognition MP

          12pm         Kiwanis Division 18 meets   MP

          ALL DAY-   Play at the park!


A LOOK AHEAD --  Next Sunday's worship will feature a special Memorial Day presentation.


Thanks for being a part of the HUMC family!  Until we gather again, and always, GBY!        Skip