Monday Missive  August 10, 2020

August 10, 2020  MONDAY MISSIVE

Hampstead United Methodist Church

15395 US Hwy 17 N., Hampstead, NC  28443  


Hey, Hampstead Family!  Grace and peace! For six years plus now, I have addressed you as “Hampstead Family” --  because “Family” you ARE! The love is so obvious here, and it is a joy to us, and a glory to God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ! I watched the past few weeks as people in all three services greeted each other for the first time in many, many weeks—and the reunions were emotionally and spiritually moving! But that’s the way it is with family!

We know that Jesus treasured His family, and expanded it every chance that He got! He included His half-brothers, his Disciples, His friends, and a host of people who followed Him! In the Gospel of Luke (8: 21)  He asked  “WHO are my mother and brothers”? (In other words, “Who is My FAMILY”?!) Then He answered Himself by saying “Those who do the will of My Father are My mother and my brothers”--  and sisters, and children!


For those who feel it best not to reenter activities until later, when they feel safer, WE RESPECT THAT!  They are Family, and we appreciate their feelings! Obviously we’re sad that they aren’t here now. But that will make the reunion all that much more sweet when they ARE able to return! In the meantime, love each other,  keep in touch, pray for each other-- and give God the glory for the wonderful family we have in HUMC, and for the myriad of blessings that He continues to bring us as we serve His Son Jesus Christ our Lord!

See you Sunday!     Skip


Hampstead Activity Re-Starts!  (Don’t believe it when folks say we can’t get back to normal!)


          United Methodist Women’s Ice Cream Social is on for Tuesday evening, 7pm, in the new Family Life Center! Yep, distancing and masks are required (until we start scarfing down ice cream, brownies, cake, etc.!).  Let Loretta or Cheryle know that you would like to attend!


          2021 Planning Session-  No matter what happens in the next few weeks and   months, the year of our Lord 2021 will arrive! And HUMC will have ministries throughout the year! Granted, things will be a bit different, and we will be making changes “on the fly”!  But we still need a Planning Session, and that will take place, and that will take place this coming Saturday! A light, Covid-friendly breakfast will begin at 8:30 AM, and the work will start at 9:00 AM. Our primary goal is to establish a calendar of activities and events. We should be through in an hour. Please bring anticipated calendar events for your team/committee/group/etc. and make your reservations! (Masks/distancing will be observed!)

Sunday School for Youth and Children-   Our kids need the support and spiritual contact that only comes from church! Children may be brought in at the bell tower entrance (for registration), and picked up at the back fenced sidewalk door. Masks are required, and parents may NOT enter the school area! (Your child/ren will be brought to you at the exit! Youth will go directly to the Youth Center.)


Our Columbarium Plan is moving forward! We will meet with the County Commissioners

on Monday August 17th. Be giving considerable thought to the possibility of cremation and

“inurnment” here on the grounds of HUMC! 


Need a Small Ugly Refrigerator That Works?!  Call Clarence-  he has the Leap of Faith refrigerator that works great, ain’t pretty! Make a donation!


Front Grass Mower Needed-  Volunteer, of course!  Our lawn care contractor mows our front grass every other week, and on the second Sunday the front and side yards look really shaggy and unappealing. If you would like to volunteer some mowing time, please contact the office!  We want the best impression, and the second week’s yard simply doesn’t get it done!


Check Your Calendars!  Until this Covid situation clears up, we will not be having Fifth Sunday Covered Dishes--  right now, the plan is to have our regular three services. The day will come--  patience!

POINTS TO CONSIDER: Immediate Calendar (All activities: masks and distancing!)

10Mon       12pm          Red Cross Blood Drive                   

11Tues       9am            Prayer Team (Library)

                   10am         Missions Team (Fellowship Classroom #1)

                   7pm           UMW  Ice Cream Social (ALL HUMC ladies invited!) (Fellowship Hall)

12Wed       10/6:30       Bible Study-James (Last session- restarts in September)

15Sat         8:30am       2021 Planning Session Breakfast (Sanctuary)

                   9am            2021 Planning Session (ONE HOUR! Bring calendar events!)   (Sanctuary)  

16Sun                           Re-Start Sunday School for children and youth

                8:30/9:45/11  Worship services

A LOOK AHEAD -- in our third segment of the celebration of the Name of Jesus, we’ll be taking a look at the time when Jesus referred to Himself as “The Door”, found in John 10: 1-4. Bring your masks, keep your distance, and come celebrate with us,  in the service of your choice!

Thanks for being a part of the HUMC family!  Until we gather again, and always, GBY!         



(I will precede this story by disavowing ANY compassion for insurance companies!)


“This is a story of the first place winner in a recent  “Criminal  Lawyers’  Award  Contest”. 

Are you ready? (You really aren’t, but I’m gonna read it to you anyway! It’s too good NOT to be true --  you simply cannot make stuff like this up!)


Dateline: Charlotte, NC

A lawyer purchased a box of very rare and expensive cigars, then insured them against, among many other things, fire. Within a month, he had smoked all 24 of these great cigars. And without having yet made his first payment on the policy, the lawyer filed an insurance claim against the insurance company.  In his claim, the lawyer stated that the cigars were lost in a series of small fires.

The insurance company refused to pay, citing the obvious reason--  that the lawyer had consumed the cigars in the normal fashion. The lawyer sued--  and won!

Delivering the ruling, the judge agreed with the insurance company, that the claim was frivolous. The judge stated, nevertheless, that the lawyer had a policy from the insurance company in which  it had warranted  that the cigars were insurable,  and also guaranteed

that the company would insure them against “fire”, without defining what was considered to be acceptable “fire” --  and was therefore obligated to pay the claim.

Rather than endure lengthy and costly litigation and appeal processes, the insurance company accepted the ruling, and paid $15,000 to the lawyer for his loss of the 24 cigars

that were lost in the “fires”.

Now comes the best part!  After the lawyer cashed the check, the insurance company had him arrested on 24 counts of arson! “


Moral:  “Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive!”

“NOTHING is more sticky that a “SIN-a-bon”!

(*Thought For the Day)