Monday Missive  October 26, 2020

Hampstead United Methodist Church

15395 US Hwy 17 N., Hampstead, NC  28443  


Hey, Hampstead Family!  Grace and peace! 

I simply must share with you--I know scripture says “Pride goeth before a fall”,  or words to that effect—but I felt an extreme sense of pride in HUMC and in all of you this past Saturday as I dropped an envelope into the mail!  After conversation with the Rev Mel Yorks, pastor of the Sweet Lake/Wakefield charge, St Charles, Louisiana, on the survivability (and intentions thereof) of his churches, the envelope contained a total of $32,030 to help them begin the arduous process of recovery and rebuilding. I expect some answer from him/them shortly--in the meantime, continue to pray for them, for there is yet ANOTHER storm (Zeta!) heading their way!

You have been through the fires, and have come out stronger and with deeper hearts of servants!

God bless you all!




Our 2020 Virtual Charge Conference is Tuesday, Nov 3, 7 p.m., via Zoom. A link to join the Charge Conference will be sent out by the church office this week. If you do not receive the link, please contact the church office. If you have to attend via telephone (i.e.--you do not have access to the internet video/audio through either a computer, smartphone or tablet), please contact the church office as soon as possible so that we can provide you with copies of materials for the meeting.

CHAP (Community Holiday Assistance Program) is the Hampstead area effort of all our churches to provide less-than-fortunate folks with a holiday meal! Traditionally we have brought food items and gift cards to the church. This year, due to Covid, and in an effort to limit hands-on contact, we will be receiving ONLY CASH/CHECK offerings. Make checks to HUMC with CHAP in the memo line. The CHAP leaders will purchase coupons from Harris-Teeter for complete meals which the coupon bearers may pick up. All of our offerings MUST be IN THE OFFICE no later than November 8th. (Any offerings that come in AFTER Nov. 8th will be applied to our Christmas community gifts.) THANKS!

Children and Youth Pumpkin Party!  Last night our Children and Youth (34 of them!) had a Pumpkin Party, with games, fire pit and carvings, and everybody had a wonderful, messy time!  Thanks to Michael, Jaime Alberti, Ginny Cockrum and all the other adults who made it possible! 

HUMC Power Kids & Youth News

What an awesome time we are having at Power Kids & Youth! Each week, the group seems to be growing spiritually and in friendship, as well as literally in number! What a blessing it is to gather once again (in person) and to have the chance to meet so many new young friends and families.

On October 4th , the group welcomed yet another blessing, Michael Morton, who has come on board as our new Director of Youth and Children’s Ministries! Michael’s enthusiasm, youthful spirit, big heart, and talented voice make him the perfect fit to lead our children, and we can’t praise God enough for bringing him our way.

Our Pumpkin Patch has experienced record breaking success. Thank you to EVERYONE from our church family and beyond that has volunteered, visited, supported, or prayed for our magical patch. Our youth are so grateful for the incredible outpouring of support. Particularly, if you see Angie Major, please make sure to thank her for all of her hard work, along with Linda Nipper, who has made sure that the patch had volunteers during the day hours.

A growing group typically has some growing needs…so this is where our church family can once again help. On Sundays, the youth and power kids gather for fellowship and have dinner at the weekly meeting. Meals are generally prepared by parent volunteers, church members, or various groups. We would love to have some additional help with meal preparation and serving. If a parent, Sunday school class, bible study, men or women’s group, or anyone else who loves to cook would like to sign up to support our youth, please use this link: Or you may contact Jaime Alberti at (910-524-1712) or Michael Morton with any questions that you may have.

Tentative Youth or Power Kids events to look forward to: a lock-in for our Youth to enjoy Pilgrimage virtually in November, and a Christmas Party before we break for the holidays! For further information about our Children or Youth Ministries, please contact Michael at

POINTS TO CONSIDER: Immediate Calendar:

27 Tue       9am            Prayer Team (Library)

28 Wed      10/6:30      Skip’s Bible Study (FLC1/ Rm 9)

29 Thur      10am          Beth Moore Study (Jennipher Burns)

                   6pm            Columbarium Team (Rm 5/6)

31 Sat                            Halloween!

1 Sun         svcs           All Saints’ Sunday

A LOOK AHEAD -- This coming Sunday we will celebrate our All Saints’ worship and memorial service!  The names of our members and constituents who have entered the Church Triumphant (Heaven) since last All Saints’ Sunday will be called out. Family members are invited to come to the altar. A chime will sound after each name is read, and family members will light a memorial candle in remembrance of their loved one. Once all members and constituents are remembered, the congregation will be invited to call names of other loved ones (family, neighbors, work associates, etc.) who have passed into glory since last All Saints’ Sunday (3 Nov 19). A chime will sound after each. At the end, a final candle will be ignited to remember them. This is a very emotional and healing service, and you are invited to participate! The sermon title is “Devotion of the Saints” and is based on the scripture Psalm 116: 15: “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints!”  And so it is!


Thanks for being a part of the HUMC family!  Until we gather again, and always, GBY!