Monday Missive March 18, 2019

18 March, 2019  MONDAY MISSIVE

(After the resurrection) “On the evening of that day—Jesus came and stood

among them, and said, ‘Peace be with you!’ -- Now Thomas, one of the

twelve, was not with them when Jesus came.”  (From John 20)


We know Thomas was not with the other disciples when the resurrected Lord Jesus joined them—he was missing. We know that he did not receive the original blessing of the Holy Spirit. We don’t know why—he just wasn’t there. The others apparently got the text, or the tweet, or whatever—but not Thomas. For whatever reason, the scripture says “(he) “was not with them.”

Yes, it was his responsibility to be there. Yes, he was the only one who wasn’t where he belonged. Got all that.  Question—I wonder if anyone checked up on him? I wonder if anyone stopped by his house, sought him out, and tried to find out why he was in absentia?! Truthfully, the Bible doesn’t say.  But should they have felt any sense of responsibility?  Ethically and morally, no.  But spiritually? 

Thomas was always the wet blanket—he was always the one who looked at things from the “con” side—and yet, his purpose was obvious—he was the first to refer to Jesus as “Lord  AND  God”!  God put Thomas IN the group—I wonder if the disciples did everything possible to make sure Thomas STAYED in the group?!

One of the pieces of wisdom that we can and should all gain from the situation involving Thomas is this:  when those of our fellowship and family are missing, we should make it our personal business to get in touch with them! If you have been sitting next to the same person in our worship services for the past five years or more, and you realize they are not present, call them! Get out your church directory and send them an email!  Love them enough to find out where they have been, and if they are okay!  If you find that there is a problem or a need, please let me and/or Congregational Care know!

          We are trying to computerize our attendance pads, thereby creating a list of recent absences. Make sure you sign in on Sundays—if you attend and DON’T sign in, you may get a call asking if you’re okay! Just one more way of following up with the love we have for our brothers and sisters! When you’re not here, it’s not the same—we need you!

          Come celebrate and be blessed!  See you in church Sunday!  Skip




Volunteers in Mission  Are you willing to donate a few hours on a Saturday to monitor persons who must complete “Community Service” hours? These people have elected to serve their community instead of serving time incarcerated. Many are DUI or other bad choices for a minor offense. I will handle all of the paper work IF you are willing to give up a few hours to come show this person where to: pick up trash around our grounds; pull weeds from flower beds; clean up sidewalks etc. (Pastor note: These are really great folks who need our encouragement!)

Contact Peggy Harris ( or 270-4780) if you can help. 


Yard Hurricane Clean-Up  Rhonda and John O'Janpa need our help! The storm washed their dock into the yard and much clean-up is left to be done. Can we get a church-wide team of young and old, male and female to go help?  Those who can’t do yard work can fix a picnic lunch for the team and for the O’Janpas!  Somebody take the lead on this and let’s make it happen! (We will also be installing a walkway to the Flower Team’s cabinet on the south side of the Youth Center!)





CFC1 ends this Sunday, March 24. If you pledged to CFC1, all pledges should be complete by this Sunday. If you need to know your balance for CFC1, please email the Financial Secretary at, or call 910-821-8124. Please mark your check "CFC1" or "CFC2", so that we can credit your donation correctly.


MARCH 31 is a special Sunday! We’ll have our THREE worship services and will reveal the results of CFC2 Campaign (if you haven't turned in your pledge card, please contact the Financial Secretary with your pledge amount so that it can be included in the total).


POINTS TO CONSIDER:   For Immediate Calendar, go to our Website!

19Tue        11:30am    BLTs (Youth Room)

5:30pm      Finance Committee

                   6:30pm      Administrative Council

20Wed       10/6:30      Lenten Bible Study

21Thu        12:30pm    Staff Birthday Lunch, Village Café

24Sat         9:30am      Church Workday- Flower cabinet walkway; O’Janpa debris

27Sat         7:15pm      Grace UMC Wilmington “Lenten Awakening Service,” featuring

                                      Bishop Hope Morgan Ward.


A LOOK AHEAD -- Next Sunday's worship will take a look at one of the most difficult and challenging aspects of faith—the Judgment. (Genesis 6, 7;  2nd Peter 2: 5)

Thanks for being a part of the HUMC family!  Until we gather again, and always, GBY!        Skip