WEEKLY MISSIVE December 5, 2022

Hampstead United Methodist Church

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December 5, 2022    Weekly Missive 

(HUMC, 15395 Highway 17N, Hampstead NC 28443; office@hampsteadumc.org)

William’s Wanderings

Good Day, Saints


   I love the music of the season!  I could listen, and do, to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Canon any season of the year. And I have other songs of the season that I love.  Some years ago, my family and I had the joy of meeting with John Denver.  I went to introduce him to my son Zachary, and he said, “I’ve got a son named Zachary, too.”  And I replied, “Yes, I know.  I named mine after your song, ‘A Baby Just Like You (Merry Christmas Little Zachary),’” which is still my favorite Christmas song.  (Go ahead!  Look it up on YouTube.)

   We are deep into Advent.  The music begins to sound a bit different.  More familiar, if you will.  More joyful.  John the Baptist is in the rear-view mirror.  Angels, Joseph and Mary, shepherds and Wise Men are on the horizon.  Songs of joy are in the air.

   Isaiah the Prophet is still with us.  His message this Sunday is a reminder of what is to come.  Hope!  God’s plan is for restoration to take place.  Those who have been away from home…well, the plan is to return.  And when the people return there will be songs of joy. 

   Isaiah is speaking of hope for restoration to a people who have been away from home for too long.  Taken captive, taken into exile, the people are in need of a word to redeem their longing.  There is the need to have the voice of fear replaced with a message of hope, joy, love, and peace.  Isaiah sings a new song.

   Isaiah sings a song of God searching for us…coming for us.  That is the message of Christmas.  In Jesus, God has come to us.  Renewing our hope of new life.  It is a message we still need to hear.  The vision is that when Jesus returns He will restore the world to God’s original plan.  When that takes place, when our hope has been redeemed, we will sing.  We will sing songs of joy; for we will be home again.

   Stay encouraged; stay faithful.

Still in His Peace,

Pastor William


Tents Set-up on Wednesday, 7 December, at 9:00 am.  We could use anyone who would be willing to come help us set up tents for our Night in Bethlehem.  Please come and join us on Wednesday morning this week.  Thank you so much.


Night in Bethlehem is this Saturday night, 10 December!  Invite a friend, a neighbor, a stranger to come celebrate Bethlehem 2000 years ago.  We will be glad to receive a non-perishable for those in need.


YEAR-END REMINDER:  Please remember that if you are planning to make a charitable contribution to HUMC, the last day to place 2022 contributions in the offering plate is December 25.  If you are mailing your contribution and want your gift to appear on your 2022 giving statement, the envelope MUST be postmarked by December 31 (IRS regulation).  If you wish to make a donation through a gift of stock or a direct contribution from your IRA, please ensure that your bank/broker completes the transaction so that the funds are in HUMC's account by December 31. If you have questions or need more information, please contact Betsy Williams at: financialsec@hampsteadumc.org.


Would you help, please?  This is the season of giving.  One of our missions is helping with our Back-pack buddies-feeding children from our schools.  We are in need of boxed pasta, like spaghetti, macaroni noodles, canned pasta sauce, cereal, canned tuna, non-perishables, etc.  Note: nothing in glass jars.  Thank you.  Bring any items on Sunday, 18 December.  A complete list is in the December newsletter.    


Staff Love Offering  We at HUMC have been blessed with a very loyal, loving and dedicated Staff. Please join us as we gather a love offering between now and December 18th.  Place your gift in the offering plate marked “Staff Christmas” or see a member of SPRC. This love offering will be shared among all our staff members as a token of our thanks and best wishes for a Happy Holiday season. Thank you all for being such a loving, caring



December 5, 2022—December 11, 2022


8:00 AM      ROMEOs  (Library)

2:00 PM      Friendship Circle (Rm. 5/6)

6:00 PM      Cub Scouts Leaders (Sanc)

7:00 PM       Boy Scouts (Sanctuary)

7:00 PM      Spirit Circle (Library)


9:00 AM     Prayer Team (Library)

10:00 AM   Missions Team (Rm. 5/6)

7:00 PM      Al-Anon (FLC #1)


6:00 PM       Praise Band Rehearsal (Sanc)

6:30 PM       Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) (Rm. 5/6)


9:00 AM      Prayer Shawl Ministry Meeting (Rm. 9)

7:00 PM       Chancel Choir Practice (Sanc)

8:00 PM       Cantata Choir Practice (Sanc)


6:00 PM to 9:00 PM  “A Night In Bethlehem”


8:55 AM      Worship Service (Sanc)

10:00 AM    Sunday School (All Ages)

11:00 AM     Worship Service (Sanc)