WEEKLY MISSIVE Missive march 20, 2023

Hampstead United Methodist Church

15395 US Hwy 17 N., Hampstead, NC  28443  

Email:  office@hampsteadumc.org

March 20, 2023    Weekly Missive 

(HUMC, 15395 Highway 17N, Hampstead NC 28443; office@hampsteadumc.org)

William’s Wanderings

Good Day, Saints,

   So, you are, to be sure, familiar with this coming Sunday’s Old Testament lesson from Ezekiel 37:1-14.  Everything is in ruins.  Everything!  The holy city of Jerusalem.  The Temple.  Everything.  In his vision, Ezekiel can only see devastation…a valley of dry bones.

   I am certain that more than a few of you can relate.  Why, sure you can!  Florence physically destroyed your church here.  But you good folks rebuilt her and, because you love this place, you didn’t quit on her…or most of you didn’t.  But there are other ways that we can find ourselves in the valley of dry bones.

   Work that is unsatisfying, stressful, filled with anxiety can put us in the valley of dry bones.  A bad relationship can put one in the valley of dry bones.  Dreams that have become unfulfilled can lead us to the valley of dry bones.  Any, and all, can lead us to the question that the Lord asked of Ezekiel: “Can these dry bones live again?”  Is there any hope?  Of course, there is.

   However, in order for dry bones to live again, we must be people of hope.  Listen!  People shake their heads at me, I know, for my confidence in those things which mean a great deal to me-my family, my Red Sox, my Duke teams, my church.  Some disagree with me, I know, and that is okay.  But I haven’t quit, while some have.  I haven’t lost my commitment to that which I believe in, while some have.  I haven’t given up hope, while some have.  When things don’t work out the way I want it to, I don’t make excuses and I don’t give up.  Some may do both, and I can’t solve that.  But I believe that as long as there is hope…that which some would give up on…can thrive again.

   You see, I believe in a God that can give New Life.  A God that wants to give New Life.  The Bible has any number of examples of this.  Why, begin with Genesis and go through the Gospel. Whether it is Abram or Peter, it makes no difference.  God can breathe new life…new hope…new promise into any situation.  One simply needs to have faith enough to believe and courage to act.  

  Look!  I once told my son, Zachary, who was wanting to quit on something he loved deeply, “Son, if you quit on this because someone upset you…then you will be tempted to quit on everything that matters, but doesn’t go the way you want.”  All of life is like that.  Sometimes, you just have to keep believing that God can breathe new life into the moment.

   I pray that you will join with me this coming Sunday morning for a time of worship.  

   Stay encouraged; stay faithful.

Still in His Peace,

Pastor William


Palm Sunday & Easter Egg Hunt & Party:  HUMC’s Youth are hosting an Easter Hunt & Party for all children on Palm Sunday, April 2nd.  Come wave the palms during one of our two church services (Meet us in the narthex at 8:45 AM or 10:50 AM to prepare to wave the palms). Sunday School for all ages will take place as usual at 10:00 AM. Following the 11:00 service, bring your Easter Egg basket for an Egg Hunt on church grounds as well as a covered dish meal and party in the FLC! 


Finance Committee Meeting:  We will meet Tuesday, March 21st at 6:00 PM in the FLC room #1.


Administrative Council Meeting  We will meet on Tuesday, March 21st at 6:30 PM in the sanctuary.


Fourth Wednesday Night Fellowship Meal  Wednesday, March 22nd at 5:30 PM.  We are celebrating spring with baked ham, green beans, potato salad, rolls, and desserts, sponsored by the Christian Life Sunday School class (donations welcome).


WARM NC is a nonprofit organization that specializes in safety-related home repairs for low-income homeowners. There is a great need in Pender County and you can help! You do not need any construction-based knowledge or experience to make a difference in your community. WARM NC provides all tools and materials, and you will leave knowing you helped a neighbor age in place safely. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sadie Frye at sadiefrye@warmnc.org.


Calendar of Events:

March 20, 2023—March 26, 2023


6:00 PM       Cub Scouts Dens (2, 3, 5/6, FLC, Sanc)

7:00 PM      Boy Scouts


9:00 AM     Prayer Team (Library)

11:30 AM   BLTs (Rm. 5/6)

6:00 PM      Finance Committee Mtg. (FLC Rm. #1)

6:15 PM      Handbell Practice (Rm. 17)

6:30 PM      Administrative Council (Sanc)

7:00 PM      Al-Anon (FLC Rm. #1)


5:30 PM      Food on Fourth Meal (FLC)

6:00 PM       Praise Band Rehearsal (Sanc)

6:30 PM       Bible Study Fellowship  (Rm. 5/6)


10:00 AM    Bible Study “Experiencing God” (Rm. 5/6)

6:00 PM      Girl Scout Troop 75 (Rm. 5/6)

7:00 PM      Chancel Choir Practice (Sanc)


10:00 AM    Altar Flower Workshop (Rm. 5/6)


8:55 AM      Worship Service (Sanc)

10:00 AM    Sunday School (All Ages)

11:00 AM    Worship Service (Sanc)

4:00 PM       Power Kids (FLC Rm. #2)

5:00 PM       Jr./Sr. High Youth (FLC Rm. #2)