Monday Missive  May 10, 2021

Hampstead United Methodist Church

15395 US Hwy 17 N., Hampstead, NC  28443  


Hey, Hampstead Family!  Grace and peace! May-June are months of celebrations!!

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Sunday, May16th, Is Graduation Sunday for all the seniors at HUMC! We will recognize them in our 11am worship service! Please come and honor them (and their parents!) for a lifetime of hard work and achievement!  At this point, our known graduates are:


Grace Wolfenbarger; James Williams; Justin Thomas; Victoria Stevens;

Shelby Parker; Will Jones-Murphy; Madelynne (Maddie) Marra;

David Henderson; Spencer Dunthorn


I confess, my records aren’t that great--if you have a graduating senior in your home (HS or College undergrad or grad) please let me know so we can include them in the festivities! (More will be sent to the parents on this today or tomorrow!)


CONFIRMATION CLASSES are almost over! Our group will take their “Road Trip” Saturday to visit a number of area houses of worship! We will consider the design of those places, and discuss what those designs reveal about their style of worship! Each church will provide a guided tour. The Greek Orthodox Church (St Nicholas on College Rd) is most gracious in facilitating our lunch in their annual Greek Festival (2nd year of “drive-thru”, but the food will be wonderful!) Please celebrate with the following, as on Pentecost, May 23rd, they enter into the life of a full member in the United Methodist Church and Christ’s Kingdom:


Alex Wolf, Marlon Schmid, Foster Johnson, Halley Bellamy,

Ella Bellamy, Natalie Alberti, Lily Alberti


Mother’s Day Flowers--in addition to our regular dedications, yesterday’s altar flowers were prayerfully given honoring mothers who have lost children, and those who have wanted to have children, and, for one reason or another, have not been able. Please keep these sweet souls in your hearts and prayers!

Pentecost and Confirmation Sunday!   Birthday of the Church!  Coming Holy Spirit!

All of this happens on May 23rd!  As we’ve done in the past, so that we might all witness to the greatness of the day, EVERYONE IS ASKED TO WEAR RED!


“The Apostle Peter” will hold it’s second of four classes on Wednesdays, 10am and 6:30pm, and all classes will be held in FLC1 (Rm 9 wasn’t big enough last week!) 

POINTS TO CONSIDER: Immediate Calendar:

11 Tue        9am            Prayer Team (Library)

                   9:45am      Hope Circle

                   6pm            SPRC Subcommittee on Children/Youth Director

12 Wed      10am          Bible Study “The Apostle Peter” #2, FLC1

                   6:30pm      Bible Study “TAP” #2, FLC1

13 Thur      12pm          PEMA (Off campus, end of season lunch)

                   6pm            Trustees

14 Fri           1:30pm      Elvie Short Memorial Visitation time

                   3pm            Elvie Short Memorial Service (FLC)

15 Sat        8am**         Confirmation Road Trip (** leaving exactly at 8am!!!)

16 Sun       11am          Honoring our Graduating Seniors!

                   12:15pm    Final 2021 Confirmation Class

                   5pm            UMM preparing dinner for Youth/Children

17 Mon      8am            ROMEOS (If you’re an HUMC man, and you’re available,

                                      bring a bag breakfast and come for fellowship!)

                   6:30pm      SPRC (FLC1)

18 Tue       9am            Prayer Team (Library)

                   11:40am    Preschool Chapel

                   5:30pm      Finance (FLC1)

                   6:30pm      Ad Council (FLC Gym)

A LOOK AHEAD-- Last “Heads Up”! Great celebrations on the immediate horizon!

This coming Sunday, May 16th, is Graduation Celebration Sunday (11am service)! 

And May 23rd is Confirmation and Pentecost -- so WEAR RED, and participate in God growing His church here at Hampstead UMC!

For the 16th, our worship centers on John 14: 6, in which Jesus said “I am the WAY, the  TRUTH  and the  LIFE.  NO one comes to the Father but by ME.” The title is “The Core”.

We will consider what Jesus assumed to be the core of the Christian faith, a core to which we so desperately need to return!


Thanks for being a part of the HUMC family!  Until we gather again, and always, GBY!