WEEKLY MISSIVE  June 17, 2024

Hampstead United Methodist Church

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June 17, 2024    Weekly Missive 

(HUMC, 15395 Highway 17N, Hampstead NC 28443; office@hampsteadumc.org)

William’s Wanderings

Good Day, Saints,

     Summer of Unity:  Remember that we are continuing our one service at 10:00 this Sunday through 25 August.


     So, one more missive, my friends.  One more message to come on Sunday, 23 June.  What to say?  Some folks expect the minister to give a “farewell message,” reminiscing about their time, or saying in that moment that which they may have wanted to say all along, but didn’t.

     Well, I have preached the Word from the beginning.  Yes, I illustrate with stories of family and prior experiences-because who really wants to hear a message that you can’t relate to-which most folks seem to love, while a few not so much so.  Some folks want a twenty minute sermon; others don’t have time for anything longer than ten minutes.  So, again, what to preach for a final message?

     Well, I will stick to preaching this Holy Writ.  Worship is, after all, about you, Jesus, and the relationship between you, God and others.

     Our lesson for this coming Sunday comes from Mark’s Gospel, chapter 4, verses 35-41.    Jesus and the Disciples are out on the Sea of Galilee.  It has been a rather long, exhausting day.  And Jesus has decided that a nap is in order.

     While Jesus sleeps, a storm arises.  The waves are coming over the bow of the boat.  The wind is howling.  And the Disciples-remember they are seasoned fishermen-are afraid! So, they wake Jesus from His slumber with the question, “Teacher, do you not care if we perish?”

     And I well imagine that more than a few of us have asked this same question at some point in time.  Fearful of the moment, wondering whether God cared, even noticed. We’ve all been through some kind of “storm” in life, if we have lived long enough (FYI, there will be a family illustration here).

    Storms can be frightening!  They can have devastating effects-short-term or long-term.  And they are made more difficult when we believe that Jesus is asleep at the wheel.

     So, this Sunday I want to remind you and me that Jesus cares about our every need.  He cares about those moments of life that bring us joy, triumphs, positive relations, as well as those moments of sorrow, trials and defeats, and those relations that Jesus Himself couldn’t please.  He cares about every minute and the minutiae of our journey.

    I am wanting you to remember that when you experience a storm of life that Jesus left the Throne of Glory to walk among us, and with us.  And he truly loves us and wants the best for us and those whom we love.  And while there may be a few storms that come our way, there is not a moment when God is not present, if we have faith enough to believe

     I pray that you will always trust in God’s wondrous grace-not just for yourselves but for others, too.  And know that whatever you may go through in life there is a God who loves you and cares for you…and He always shows up on time.  Or as the great Southern Gospel queen-Vestal Goodman-once sang: “God still walks the dark hills.”    

     Come join with us on Sunday morning at our 10:00 union service as we begin our summer of unity.  If you come to worship, you won’t be disappointed.  Stay encouraged; stay faithful.

Still in His Peace,

Pastor William


Personal note: Mo and I are most grateful for the kindness that has been shown by so many of you good folks.  We are thankful for having had the opportunity to serve the servants of God at Hampstead and will cherish the positive memories of our fellowship time with you.

I am stepping away as your pastor, but not as your friend.  I will always care and love you good folks, but Pastor Debbie Matthis is coming to be your pastor.  Out of respect for her position, I will not return for at least a year and, then, only by her request.  (I have promised to do a wedding, which she knows about, and has approved, and I also have had a couple of folks ask me to do them a favor when their time comes.  I will keep my promises made, as able.)

But let me encourage you to allow Debbie to be your pastor.  She can’t do this if folks don’t allow her be their shepherd.   So, again, I am/will always your friend, former pastor, and I will always care, but give Debbie a chance, my friends, because there is nothing more painful for an incoming pastor than for someone to not do so.


So, just a few thoughts from Mo, on our new journey in life.  William will be retiring from full-time ministry on Sunday, June 23rd.  We have been so, so blessed in all of our churches over the years of his ministry.  Every single church we have had has been a blessing.  They have all been different, with different "personalities" as a whole.  But, I have learned from each one.  We have gone through different life stages at each one.  We have had so much love and support for our whole family at each one.  It has been incredible to see what God can do.  


Our sons, Zachary Holliday and Matthew Holliday, have been such a support over the years.  We are so thankful for who they are and for what such a strong part of our family they have been and continue to be.

Thank you to all of our friends and family for the love and support

you have all given us.


Before William went into ministry, I remember making a comment, in reference to some circumstances another minister was going through, that I could never be a minister's wife.  Never say never!  Lol.  I couldn't say no to God when William decided to go into the ministry.  And, we have been blessed beyond measure.  

I am very thankful for the journey that God has provided for us.  And, excited to see what He has in store for us in this new chapter of our life as William continues in ministry in a part-time capacity. 💜🙏



Pastor William’s email:  William’s Hampstead UMC email, W.holliday@hampsteadumc.org, will cease to exist on Thursday, 20 June


New Address for William and Mo:  Some have asked about our mailing address, so here it is: PO Box 875, Morrisville, NC 27560.


Financial Report for the week of June 9 - June 15:

Actual Giving YTD:      $191,791.94

Actual Expenses YTD: $189,794.64

Budgeted giving needed weekly:  $10,092.35

Giving this week: $5,516.00

Actual YTD +/-: $1,997.30

Farewell to Pastor William & Mo!  Next Sunday, June 23rd is Pastor William’s last Sunday at HUMC.  Please join us after the 10:00 service for a farewell appreciation luncheon in the FLC.  Please contact Shirleen Spencer (910-508-4777 or SLSpencer01@gmail.com) if you plan to attend the “Farewell Picnic”.  Shirleen will need: your name, contact # or email, how many in your family attending and if you plan to bring a COLD (only) side dish or dessert. Chicken will be provided by the church. Please tell Shirleen if you are available to help with set-up or clean-up.



Table of Grace Meals on Wheels Mission Update On June 8th our Table of Grace Missions Team prepared 72 meals for our neighbors in need. Our Meals on Wheels client list has grown to 36 local neighbors and for the first time we were able to provide each recipient with 2 meals. Carolyn Kingman donated some delicious homemade chocolate chip cookies and Kathy McKinnon prepared some very good baked beans. We are blessed to be able to help those that cannot prepare their own meals. Thank you for supporting the HUMC Missions Team’s Table of Grace Ministry.


Vacation Bible School Updates

VBS is fast approaching and Youth & Adult Volunteers are needed! Come join us July 22-26th, as we take kids deep into an amazing undersea adventure where they'll experience the ever-flowing, never ending love of God. At Scuba VBS, kids will be immersed in the Word and discover what living water is all about! 


If you have not completed the Safe Sanctuaries Training, and have an up-to-date Background check, please see Jaime Alberti!  You must have both to participate in VBS.


VBS planning meetings will occur weekly on Thursdays at 6:30 PM in room 9.  These meetings are open to any volunteer and prospective station leaders, and will continue on Thursdays from now until July 18th in Room 9.


Also, please help us spread the word that VBS Youth & Adult Volunteers are still needed! If you have not done so already, visit the web address below to register as a volunteer:






QUESTIONS? Feel free to email Jaime Alberti by email:

humcyouth@hampsteadumc.orgor call 910-524-1712.


Blood Drive Date  Mark your calendars for HUMC’s blood drive, Monday, August 5th from 1:00 to 6:00 PM.  Download the Blood Donor App or sign up at redcrossblood.org.  You may also contact Allison Williams (alleycwms@gmail.com) or Ruth Sheaffer (rsheaffer@hotmail.com) with questions.


Calendar of Events:


7:00 AM to 7:00 PM YMCA Summer Program (FLC)

8:00 AM    ROMEOs (Library)

7:00 PM      Boy Scouts (FLC)


7:00 AM to 7:00 PM YMCA Summer Program (FLC)

9:00 AM     Prayer Team (Library)

6:30 PM     Divorce Care (Rm. 9)

7:00 PM     Al-Anon (FLC)

7:00 PM     Al-Ateen (FLC)


7:00 AM to 7:00 PM YMCA Summer Program (FLC)

6:00 PM    Summer of Unity Music Rehearsals (Sanc)


7:00 AM to 7:00 PM YMCA Summer Program (FLC)

10:00 AM    Bible Study “Acts” (Rm. 5/6)

6:30 PM       VBS Planning Meeting (Rm. 9)


7:00 AM to 7:00 PM YMCA Summer Program (FLC)

Sunday—6/ 23  HUMC Summer of Unity

10:00 AM    Worship Service